Kombucha success 8.11.19

Good morning! How are you?

I’ve been playing with a variety of 2nd fermentation kombucha flavors. Yes! I make my own. 😳

“Fizzy” strawberry pineapple kombucha!

Do you drink kombucha? What’s YOUR favorite flavor?

Kind Regards -K

4 thoughts on “Kombucha success 8.11.19

  1. A few years back I brewed consistently. Right now I have a SCOBY hotel and really need to get back to it. When you do second ferment what size bottle do you use and how much booch, fruit and so on? I never quite got it down to get good fizz and would love to know how you do it. (amounts of each?)

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    1. I have just recently found that 16 oz bottles work the best. For a gallon of brooch, I used about a cup of strawberries, a 3/4 cup of pineapple and 2 tsp of sugar. I did 24 hours of 2nd fermentation with the fruit, then I strained it before I put it into the smaller bottles for 24 hours. Make sure you burp the bottles a couple of times. As you get closer to the 24 hr end. Be careful to take the cover off slowly otherwise you will wear it like I did! 🥴🥴.


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