The Cardinal 6.22.19

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Spring was making it’s comeback

When a few weeks ago he appeared,

Just as dusk surrounded the eve,

Suddenly I got the oddest feeling

Like someone, literally was staring at me.

I seemed drawn to peer out my window

There I saw gently perched upon a branch,ย 

A cardinal dressed in bright red.

He wasn’t checking out his surroundings

But looking at me instead.ย 

I didn’t feel startled but calmness and peace.

Was he bringing me some sort of message?

And though I had heard tales of such,ย 

Of the appearance of loved ones lost,ย 

Until then, I hadn’t believed all that much.

Every fair weather evening since,ย 

I am drawn to look out that same way.

Often he is there and then he is gone,

Though I have never seen him depart.

But there just seems to be a familiarity about him

He, like my dad, leaves the echo of a sweet little tune

That continues to play in my heart.


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Itโ€™s Here! My Self Publishing Journey 4.30.19

Do you like to Jot Your Thoughts in A Journal?

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Kโ€™s Blog Recommendations 4.30.19

Happy Monday!

Do you have your tea or coffee? โ˜•๏ธ

Ahh! Yes! It’s that time!

Time to share some links from those that follow instructions in the SIWO Meet & Greet ๐Ÿ˜‰, along with more of my new favorites !

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