What Are You Journaling About Today? 6.25.19

This morning I jotted down all the anxiety related things I pushed through yesterday.

Go me!

Grocery shopping can be a panic trigger. Why? So many sights, sounds, temperature changes AND people. All of these items put your body on alert.

Challenge yourself to go into the grocery store and buy 1 or 2 items. Then celebrate your success. Journal about how great it is!

It helps me to visualize how wonderful I’m going to feel once I have completed my shopping.

Next time slowly walk each aisle. Pay attention to all the items. Think positive!

You can do it. One step at a time.


Let me know how you do.

Kind Regards and #winning- K


Do you Journal?

Daily affirmations, gratitudes, what I accomplished, my travels or my creative writing…

So many things to journal about!

I love Journaling!

It is such a healthy outlet!

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Kind Regards and ❤️ – K

Journaling is EASY! 6.7.19

Keeping a journal:

Whether you do it in the morning or the evening, writing down what you’re grateful for can open you up for more things to be happy about!

If you walk around grumbling and throwing negativity around. I have experienced that it opens you up to more negative thoughts and events.

When you start thinking and tracking the good stuff, more good things arrive. You even have a more positive outlook!

Go ahead try it for a few weeks and let me know what you experience.

*Soon to be released at a fantastic price, Great Cover Journals. Watch for them on Amazon.



Kind Regards – K

Winter Got You Down? 4.13.19

In some parts of the USA,

Old Man Winter refuses to


Got the Winter blues?

So what can you do?

Bring those summertime days to you! ğŸŒž

Why not have a family style living room picnic!

Make a macaroni salad, whip up some hot dogs and burgers, grab a bag of chips, cut up some fresh veggies and fruit place in brightly covered bowls and make a batch of ice cold lemonade.

Now, throw a red and white checked tablecloth on the coffee table!

Use paper cups and plates for easy clean up! 😁

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”Unknown

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Kind Regards – K

Don’t like it? Change it! 4.2.2019

blue skies 15.19

Happy Tuesday morning!

How is everyone doing?


As most of you know, I am on the the second to last leg of withdrawing off prescription Xanax. Not due to abuse, but due to moving to a new state and struggling to find a doctor that will continue the same anxiety regimen I have been on for the last 20 years.

My next doctors visit will be April 10th and I only have .75 of Lorazepam to go. My current drop has been 1.50 broken into 2 weeks drop of .75 each.

It has not been a fun one. Good ol’ anxiety has reared it’s head. Not an old friend I am welcoming with open arms. Grrrr!

I was chatting with my daughter on the phone yesterday, complaining about the current state of anxiousness. She said, “Good! Don’t like it, this is a chance for you to change it.”

At first I was a bit taken aback.

Then the more I thought about it. I realized, SHE WAS RIGHT!

I was NOT going to allow this anxiety to get the best of me! This was not a new path. The battle of wits between this old enemy of mine has been going on and off for years. I was NOT going to lay down and take it!

Realistically, I was smart enough to know that I needed a good nights rest, and it would be good to hit it head on in the morning. I watched some television and headed to bed.

I arose this morning, took a shower. The whole time practicing positive self talk. Along with my self talk, I envisioned a positive outcome. This was something I learned and practiced a long time ago.

I thought, why not give it a try, again?

Today’s battle? To be able to drive to the grocery store!

It may not sound like a big deal, but, anxiety can be a sneaky bugger and talk you out of all kinds of things. Especially, when you have to go a few weeks not driving due to withdrawals.

The outcome?

Winner, winner, chicken, dinner! I just arrived home, with a few groceries.



Remember to always celebrate the seemingly little things! You deserve it!

Kind Regards and hugs – K


PS- A shout out thank you goes to my daughter! I love it when she pushes me! Love you honey! xxooxxoo