The Twin States in Our Own Backyard!

 As we took on the photo challenge of Opposites , we practiced mindfulness, the art of living in the now. Imagine our surprise, to discover, we had lived in the midst of it for over 40 years!

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…

not for another hour, but this hour.”

Walt Whitman

NH to VT


1) These pictures are being taken from the state of New Hampshire looking over the river to the state of Vermont. Above, a shot from Kingsbury Mountain displays a beautiful combination of varying lush greens and shadows of  3 dimensional clouds that continuously change shape as they move across the horizon. Below, the long low rectangular cloud that lies horizontally lengthwise towards the bottom is rising from the CT river due to the variance in temperature between the water and the air. The sky, varying shades of pink with a grayish hue.  A unique combination of elements and layers. 






2) Above is a unique contradistinction of iron and nature that is less than 2 miles from my home. On our Sunday afternoon walk we are looking at the state of New Hampshire across the ever flowing deep blue CT river from the State of Vermont . The 489 foot bridge which is still deemed ye ol’ toll bridge by we old timers, tho it’s going on 15 years since the little toll booth made it’s home on the NH side. The iron bridge replaced a wooden structure in 1930, prior to that it was 10c per any vehicle drawn by one horse or beast to cross and 2c per person when crossing by foot. Below, looking to the right (the bridge is directly to our left) Nature creates a frame of the Connecticut as it flows southward heading towards the bend. 


For the History Buffs:Two states that couldn’t be more opposite!

The Twin States 


New Hampshire Vs. Vermont: Sibling Rivalry Between the Twin States Paperback – January, 1997

(Photographs compliments of L.G.B) All rights reserved and copyrighted.

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